As a professional athlete, it’s pertinent that you have a solid support system. Many athletes find themselves involved in relationships (business/personal), which as a result may cause damage to their careers or smear their reputation. 

We’ve launched a crisis prevention service to protect and provide knowledge to pro athletes. Our CEO watched her uncle’s NFL career shatter right before her eyes due to his poor decision making. This experience and others gave her the desire to assist athletes with maintaining their reputations and protecting their legacy. Our crisis prevention service will give athletes peace of mind and information to make strategic decisions in their business or personal life. Whether it be a business partner or a romantic partner, you will have the option to use this service to your benefit. 


Requirements to use services + information: 

  1. Professional Player (all leagues) 
  2. The athlete must gain permission from our firm to use this service, however, you don’t have to be a client. 
  3. In our contact form include –  name (first, last), current team/league, and the reason you need the service – (starting a business partnership, etc., new romantic partner, etc.)
  4. Please don’t leave details  (person’s information, situation, incidents) in the contact form (below). 
  5. You will be sent further instructions to your email.
  6. Come back to the website and make your payment (see prevent crisis button below).




Note: It will take approximately 72 hours to complete this entire process.

We’ve teamed up with a TOP sports investigator, a sports attorney, and a background service provider to assist you with crisis prevention needs. One wrong decision can jeopardize your professional career as an athlete. Don’t allow that to happen, be informed. We look forward to assisting you!

Thank you, 

Heyday PR 



Sending a special thanks to Mook Williams (Former NFL Agent/attorney) for advising our team on launching this service.