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PR Workshops: (A La Carte)


Join PR & Marketing Master, Dai Harris at a workshop this June 2019.


Media Training

Full Day Workshop Overview (individual or group sessions)

This course empowers you with the skills to convey your key points quickly and to stay on message even under fire.

Messaging Session: What’s Your Company’s Message?

Full Day Workshop Overview (individual or group sessions)

We facilitate this intensive session with management teams using a proven discovery process that uncovers the issues and determines the messages that must and must not be communicated, and then tailor them to target constituencies.

As a bonus, you’ll have your 30-second elevator pitch in hand!

Introduction to Working with the Media 101

Full-Day Workshop Overview (for in- house staff at start-ups and non-profits)

The objective of this workshop is to empower you with an understanding of how to work with various media (traditional print and broadcast, bloggers and online media, and social networks) and help you develop a familiarity with the appropriate tools and tactics and learn how to use them.

Introduction to Social Media: One-on-One

Full-Day Workshop Overview

This intensive one-day social media workshop empowers you with the knowledge of social media channels  and how you can impact/build brand awareness, attract new customers, forge long-term relationships and complement your overall marketing efforts.

Communication Skills for Managers & Team Leaders

Full-Day Workshop Overview (individual or group sessions)

By attending this workshop you will learn:

How to make every interaction one that builds key relationships
Essential tools to problem-solve issues together
A method to manage conflict with others
Master the communications skills that are essential to business success today.

Conflict Resolution Training

Full One to Two Days Workshop Overview (group sessions)

Effective conflict resolution skills can make the difference between positive and negative outcomes.

Learn practical skills to effectively manage workplace conflict. Make conflict an opportunity to listen and re-establish work relationships.

HR Communication & Facilitation Skills

Full One to Two Days Workshop Overview (group sessions)

Designed specifically for the human resource professional, this course covers these topics in depth:

How to create a coaching relationship.
Help the leader create an environment of maximum productivity and minimum competition.

Marketing Workshops


Brand Strategy 

Full-Day Workshop Overview (individual or group sessions)

You’ll learn how to develop a sophisticated brand strategy/plan.

During this workshop you’ll also learn:

How to conceptualize, and create an unforgettable logo.

How to use specific content on websites to attract customers.

Content Strategy  

Full-Day Workshop Overview (individual or group sessions)

The workshop entails the following:

Determining which type  of content strategies work best for your brand.

Creating a FULL content strategy plan (step by step).

Demand Generation 

We teach your  rigorous strategies to optimize your funnel.

We help you answers these questions:

Most of all, in this workshop we assist you with creating a solid marketing message for your audience, which will drive interest and awareness to your brand.

Email Marketing 

During this workshop, we dive deep into email marketing. You will learn how to use catch phrases, subject lines, and more that instantly grabs the reader’s attention. You will learn strategic tips to help you increase your email metrics including open, click-through, and conversion rates.

Marketing and Planning

During this workshop we look at short and long term goals for your brand. You will learn how to create a FULL marketing plan. We assist you with creating the most important parts of the plan.

Storytelling for B2B

You will learn how to seamlessly incorporate storytelling into your B2B marketing strategies. This workshop covers the essential factors that every story needs.

During this workshop, we will review examples via video, and analyze. We help you start the storytelling process (conceptualizing), while keeping your audience in mind, in order to reach them emotionally.

Sales and Marketing Alignment 

As a start up, business owner, or CEO you will learn how to firmly align the sales and marketing teams for your brand and clients.

During the workshop you will formulate a strong sales and marketing strategy which will incorporate both team’s strengths. You will learn a plethora of strategies to ensure the final alignment is successful.




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